July 23, 2013

About Lanoy Keosuvan

Professional Title: Laos Country Director

Background: As the Country Director, Lanoy oversees the operations of the PoP Laos office. She has been with PoP since the beginning of the organization. The PoP team is headquartered in Luang Prabang, Laos, the former royal capital of the country located in the Northern region on the Mekong. The area around Luang Prabang is very rural; the primary occupation is farming and due to poor infrastructure, development is scarce. Rural communities are in great need of education infrastructure and programs. Lanoy, a native of the area, is deeply committed to furthering the mission of providing opportunities to the country’s most underserved children.

Lanoy was born and raised in Luang Prabang in a family of eight children. In secondary school she began working at a guesthouse for a family who in turn supported her education and her involvement in basketball. Lanoy went on to become the MVP of the Lao Women’s National Basketball team and traveled with her team throughout Asia. It is impossible to travel anywhere in Laos with Lanoy without being stopped by children and adults alike wanting to meet the country’s most famous female athlete.

Lanoy now dedicates her time and passion to PoP. She leads the 30+ person team in build expansion and government strategy. When asked about PoP Lanoy can really only say one thing: “PoP, I give you my heart”!