You’re Making a Difference Here



Ghana was, until very recently, one of the poorest countries in the world. Over the past few years, the nation has experienced unprecedented growth and development (IFAD report; African Development Bank). Although the lives of Ghanaians have improved greatly, the country still faces many challenges, especially in the education sector.

In Ghana, 18% of primary school age children are not enrolled in school and of those who are in school, 28% will drop out before completing primary school (UNESCO, 2012). Additionally, over 28% of the Ghanaian population is illiterate and out of all the current primary school classrooms, the government estimates that almost a quarter need repairs (World Bank, 2014; USAID, 2009).

PoP works with 109 communities in Ghana to ensure that students overcome these and other barriers to accessing a quality education. To date, PoP has impacted over 24,000 students in Ghana. 



The Volta Region is located in southeastern Ghana, to the west of the Republic of Togo and just east of Lake Volta. In many of our partner communities in the region, PoP couples school builds with literacy programming in order to create sustainable change.

To date, we’ve built 98 schools in the Volta Region and will continue to provide our teacher training and educational programming across many PoP schools in the region.



Before a PoP School Build


Previously, the pre-primary and primary school students of the Adaklu Avelebe DA Basic School attended classes in one of two provisional structures built by the community. These structures were made of materials from trees and offered no shelter from the elements. Additionally, they lacked proper floors, formal windows and doors, which resulted in little separation from outside distractions. This exposure to the elements, paired with the lack of formal spaces for learning, hindered student engagement and development for the students of the Adaklu Avelebe Community.


Your Impact with a New PoP School


Thanks to your support, PoP was able to partner with the Adaklu Avelebe community to complete a three-classroom build for the pre-primary and kindergarten students. The community remained committed to the build effort throughout the duration of construction and are so excited that the higher quality classrooms are now complete. In addition to making the outer structure possible, through your support, the Adaklu Avelebe DA Basic School has been outfitted with desks and chairs, further ensuring that student development and engagement increases. The four new latrines and the handwashing station are also an exciting addition, ensuring better hygiene for all students and teachers. We broke ground in November of 2016 and completed the build on June of 2017. The parents and teachers of the Adaklu Avelebe community thank you for helping to make a higher quality learning environment available to their students.