Lewis’ Impact with Pencils of Promise


Lewis Howes is without a doubt one of our most engaged and passionate supporters. Since 2012, Lewis has helped raise awareness about PoP’s mission to increase children’s access to quality education—and he’s done so in many different ways. Through personal campaigns, social media, attendance at our PoP Galas, his book—School of Greatness—and even everyday conversations with friends, Lewis has championed the cause of Pencils of Promise. To date, he’s led 5 campaigns, which makes him part of the top 2% of PoP campaigners who have done 3+ campaigns. These campaigns have brought in 303 contributions, showing the incredible way in which Lewis has engaged his community to amplify the support for kids’ education. Thanks to his campaigns and generosity, Lewis has made 4 school builds possible: 2 in Guatemala, 1 in Laos and an upcoming school in Ghana that is currently under construction.

Lewis is also one of our most traveled supporters. Together, we’ve journeyed to our countries of impact to engage in PoP’s programs firsthand, and our teams in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos always look forward to hosting Lewis on PoP Field Trips! Not only has Lewis visited some of our country teams multiple times, but also he’s the first one to get involved in an in-country activity, like dancing at a school inauguration, and he never fails to bring smiles to the faces of everyone around him.

Lewis, all of our teams are grateful for your continued dedication to our students, communities and countries! You’ve made quality education possible for thousands of students.




Lewis’ Ripple Effect


Beyond his direct efforts to support PoP’s programs, Lewis has shown others the importance of impacting students and teachers in high-need areas. He’s encouraged and grown a community of people who, like him, believe education is an essential opportunity that all children have the right to pursue. And his impact has created tremendous results: 39 school builds have been made possible through the PoP community that Lewis has brought together and 31,118 students will be impacted over the lifetime of all of the PoP programs that Lewis’ supporters have made possible.

Thank you, Lewis, for recognizing the importance of PoP’s mission and for helping us grow our PoP Family and our impact on students and teachers who need it most.