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Educating girls will change the world

130 million girls around the world are out of school today.More Info Not by choice, but because societal norms, cultural expectations, a lack of resources, improper infrastructure and more, are preventing them from having access to the education that every child deserves.

This holiday season, we’re advocating on behalf of girls worldwide. Why? Because quality education empowers girls to write their own future, enables them to contribute to their local communities, and ultimately, encourages them to become agents of change. Educating girls will not only impact their individual lives, but it will lessen poverty, grow economies, increase familial stability and, ultimately, transform OUR world.

Together, we can bring gender equality into the classroom and start to build a brighter future for all girls.

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Transforming the education experience for girls

We’re working to break down barriers that prevent girls around the world from receiving quality education.


1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because of their periods each year.

Cultural limits, embarrassment and shame around menstruation often prevent girls around the world from going to school. We’re focused on eradicating the stigma by educating our teachers and students, both girls and boys, on the facts of menstruation so that girls are encouraged to attend school during their period and can miss less school days.

Learn more about what we’re doing from our Ghana WASH team members, Edwin and Margaret.


Without adequate sanitation facilities, girls are unable to manage their menstruation safely and hygienically, and will be unlikely to use the facilities if there is no guarantee to privacy.

We’re creating inclusive environments by building our schools with safe and private bathroom facilities to ensure that girls have the adequate and sanitary space they need to stay healthy and in school during their period.


A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five.

Pencils of Promise classrooms are representative of the societies they serve. 51% of the students in PoP classrooms are girls, which means that we’re providing quality education to nearly 50,000 girls around the world.

Read more from our NYC Impact team as they share their excitement and results about our work on girls education.

What this all means for students like Hilda:

Meet Hilda. She is a fierce six-year-old dancing her way through life with big dreams and aspirations. Hilda lives in a rural community of 1,800 in the Volta Region of Ghana called Ziavi Dzogbe.

Before partnering with Pencils of Promise, the Ziavi Dzogbe community primary school consisted of nine classrooms, three of which were dilapidated and collapsing. In addition to the lack of proper classrooms, the school lacked any formal bathroom infrastructure, forcing students to go outdoors.

Today, Hilda and her 213 classmates have not only a new school structure, but they also have access to four private and safe bathrooms, and full programmatic support with Teacher Support and WASH. Because of the school’s new bathrooms, Hilda no longer has to worry about where she will go to the bathroom during school when she reaches puberty. And because of our WASH program, Hilda and her classmates are fully equipped to stay healthy with access to clean water and best hygiene practices.

Hilda is just one example of the nearly 50,000 girls whose lives are currently being transformed by access to the proper resources they need to stay healthy and in school.

This is a quality education.

PoP’s Results for Girls:

We’ve built over 490 schools and are now impacting nearly 97,000 students every day.

We fundamentally believe that a day will come in our lifetimes when every single child will have access to a quality education. Until then, each pencil, each dollar, each supporter is essential.


We’ve reached gender parity in our classrooms with more than half of our currently-enrolled students being girls.


We’ve built 1,226 latrines for our schools providing proper space for all students, but specifically for girls who need privacy and a clean space to stay healthy and in school during their period.

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