2U’s Impact with Pencils of Promise


Impact Update


When our teams first visited the nine communities in Ghana and Guatemala that we now support through 2U’s partnership, they discovered students being taught in provisional and dilapidated structures made of materials such as wood, corrugated metal and thatch, with dirt floors. When it rained, water would seep into the ground forming puddles, making for muddy and messy conditions inside classrooms. Some classrooms were dimly lit, poorly ventilated and overcrowded, while others had open-air layouts that exposed students to dust, debris and other distractions from their surrounding environment. These factors posed a challenge to student learning and development.

2U’s support has changed this. Through your dedication to education, PoP was able to partner with these communities to impact the lives of thousands of students and community members. These communities have also shown how committed they are to providing their children with a better and brighter future by providing 20 percent of labor and resources for each build. Today, students in the schools made possible by 2U’s support have access to much-improved educational facilities with fans, formal ceilings, chairs, desks, doors, walls and windows. The schools are made of strong foundations and the classrooms are spacious, properly ventilated and well-lit, providing students with safe environments conducive to learning. Your generosity makes quality education possible for students who need it most — thank you for allowing students to learn and realize their full potential and their promise.




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2U School Build Spotlight: San Luis, Quiché


William Moises Hernandez Lux San Luis

William – Student, 6th grade

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be an elementary teacher.

What do you like the most about your school and classroom?
I like to talk to all of my friends, learn and read.


Olga Yolanda Vargas Vasquez San Luis

Olga – Parent & Community Member

Number of children currently going to this school?
I have 9 children. All of my children have gone to this school — The oldest one is 27 and the youngest is 5. Right now I have 2 children currently in the school.

Do you think your children feel more motivated now with the new construction?
I feel my children are very blessed because school is safe now. My first kids suffered because they had to sit under the sun or under the rain. Now that they have an actual classroom they even wake up earlier and they don’t want to miss school.

What does education mean to you?
Education means everything to me. Children learn how to make friends, how to read and write when they go to school. I walk from home to school with my children for an hour, but it is worth it.


Miguel Lux Tojin San Luis

Miguel – Teacher, 3rd & 4th grade

How long have you been working for this school?
I have been working here for 12 years.

Do you think the new school has helped motivate students more?
Yes! Students now attend school earlier and they don’t like to miss school. Also, years ago, we had a classroom where you could find students from 1st through 6th grade. They practically learned the same things. Now each grade has their own classroom.

Has the learning experience changed for students?
Students are now more motivated, learn easier and feel very happy when they get to go to school.

What does education mean for you?
So much! Education is a road that guides everyone to success. The one who does not know how to read will not know how to see.