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Our amazing campaigners have found some really creative ways to raise money for quality education. Do you have the next great idea? We can’t wait to find out.

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Your Story is Their Story

Meet Anjie. She is one of our hardworking students in the 4th grade in Nunsavat Primary School. Anjie lives in Laos. 30% of Laos is illiterate, with even higher rates of illiteracy amongst ethnic minorities. 

Even with her shy personality, Anjie actively participates in class. Her favorite subjects are Lao, math and reading. During recess, she likes to pick up a new book or play in the schoolyard with her best friends.

When Anjie grows up, her dream is to become a teacher.

Unlocking Anjie’s Promise

Anjie’s parents continually teach her the value of education and are committed to investing in her future. Because of this, she’s able to progress from one grade to the next and her life is filled with promise.

Not All Children Have This Opportunity

But you can provide it for them by campaigning for Pencils of Promise.