Meet Lindy: Beauty Blogger and Education Advocate

Pencils of Promise
October 21, 2019

Lindy Tsang, popularly known as BubzBeauty to her countless fans, is a Youtube star known for her beauty tutorials and inspiring content. Since joining our PoP Family in 2015, Lindy and her BubzBeauty community have come together to support schools across Laos and Ghana.

Photo description: Our PoP campaigner, Lindy Tsang, at one of her schools in Laos.
Phote credit: Lindy Tsang

“So many of us take our education for granted,” Lindy shared. “Being able to read and write might not be something you think much about, but it can make all the difference for a child’s life. Education is the only way forward to transform a person’s life. Nobody can grow if they cannot learn.”

Lindy is committed to the mission of empowering children around the world with an education, and has encouraged her entire community to join her. After visiting Laos and Ghana to see her impact with PoP first hand, she is excited to continue expanding her global impact and help build a school in Guatemala this year!

Photo description: Lindy alongside the students at her PoP school
Photo credit: Lindy Tsang

“Being able to see one of the schools was one of the most surreal things I have ever experienced,” said Lindy Tsang (source)

With her incredible passion for self love and education, Lindy is creating a brighter future for thousands of students around the world. She launched her own eyeshadow palette, Be by BubzBeauty and a “Dream” lipstick, and donated her profits from those collections to Pencils of Promise. With her support, Pencils of Promise has been able to build more schools across Laos and Guatemala, while expanding programs such as Social and Emotional Learning.

We applaud you, Lindy Tsang, for making this world a more beautiful place through sharing your message of self love and the power education has to transform lives.

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