American Apparel’s Global Impact with Pencils of Promise


Pencils of Promise couldn’t be more excited that American Apparel is part of our PoP Family! American Apparel first joined us in 2017 when they created a capsule collection to support the construction of three new schools, and provide education programming to hundreds of students. The successful collaboration includes custom designed t-shirts, tote bags and hoodies that bring PoP’s mission to life, and show American Apparel’s commitment to education. Our team is truly grateful for the support that you have provided to our students and communities. Your generosity will impact more than 1,500 students, and we thank you for partnering with us to make quality education possible for students who need it most.


Impact Updates


Thanks to American Apparel’s support, PoP has been hard at work completing three school builds! We are well on our way to serving hundreds more students around the world.

An update from Kiew Oung, Laos…

Previously, there was only one functional classroom in the Kiew Oung community school, shared by grades one through three. Because the furniture was built into the wooden structure, students were unable to move around freely for activities. These conditions posed not only a danger to student safety, but they also significantly hindered engagement and learning. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Kiew Oung community have completed a new three-classroom school to replace the current dilapidated structure. We broke ground on this structure in December 2018 and completed the new school in early 2019. The community is so excited knowing that students now have access to a learning environment that supports their full potential and promise!

An update from Línea B-6, Sector Icán, Guatemala…

Previously, the Línea B-6, Sector Icán students experienced overcrowding due to classrooms being shared by multiple grades and doubling as offices. The fourth and fifth grade students all attended class in one unit taught by one teacher, causing distractions for everyone. The sixth grade students were taught in a classroom also used as the director’s office. An additional multigrade classroom was used by two teachers with no wall or division to give students and teachers the necessary privacy to receive and provide a quality education. Thanks to your support and the dedication of the community, PoP and Línea B-6, Sector Icán have officially completed a new two-classroom school. The current students are so excited to now have access to a higher quality learning environment!

An update from Obemla, Ghana…

Previously, the fourth and fifth grade students at Obemla DA Preschool and Primary School did not have formal classrooms. They were learning in old thatched tents that lack a sufficient cover for students to learn under. These conditions did not promote student engagement and threatened student safety. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Obemla community completed construction on a new two-unit classroom block in June of 2018. The build progressed well, thanks in large part to the involvement and dedication of the community, which contributed to the labor and materials required for construction. The new structure will provide a safe and secure structure for all Oblema students to learn and thrive!