When our team first visited Bisignamdo, we found students being taught in a provisional structure supported by a wooden frame and covered by a thatch roof with dirt floors. The structure had an open-air layout without formal walls to protect students from flying dust and debris. Therefore, they were easily distracted by insects and noise from the school courtyard and surrounding environment. When it rained and the ground became saturated, puddles would form resulting in muddy and messy conditions for the children. Furthermore, due to overcrowding, some students were still exposed to the rain and sun. The heavy congestion made it difficult for students to concentrate.

You recognized these obstacles to the students’ well-being and success and responded by helping PoP and Bisignamdo community members build a six-classroom school. Now, the school is equipped with fans, formal blackboards, benches, desks, doors, walls and windows. The community, teachers and students remained enthusiastic and dedicated throughout the entirety of the project. In April 2016, we inaugurated the school and mounted a dedication plaque recognizing your support. Because of you, the students in Bisignamdo now have a safe and strong structural foundation to attend school in each day, which will help them realize their potential and their promise.