You’re Making a Difference Here


While Ghana has experienced unprecedented growth and development over the past few years (IFAD report; African Development Bank), the country still faces many challenges, especially when it comes to access to education.

In Ghana, 17% of primary school age children are not enrolled in school and of those who are in school, 28% will drop out before completing primary school (UNESCO, 2018). Additionally, over 14% of the Ghanaian population is illiterate (UNESCO, 2018).

PoP works with over 150 communities in Ghana to ensure that students overcome these and other barriers to accessing quality education. Currently, PoP is impacting over 42,000 students in Ghana through School Builds, Teacher Support and WASH programming.


The Volta Region is located in southeastern Ghana, to the west of the Republic of Togo and just east of Lake Volta. In many of our partner communities in the region, PoP couples school builds with literacy programming in order to create sustainable change.

To date, we’ve built 150 schools in the Volta Region and have also provided teacher training and educational programming to many PoP schools in the region.

Before a PoP School Build

Previously, students in Dodi Papase were learning in an unsafe environment. Kindergarten, third and fourth grade students attended class under tented roofs made of palm tree branches. Teachers could not conduct class when it rained, forcing many classes to end early. Additionally, students experienced severe overcrowding, with many teachers overwhelmed by the number of multigrade students in their classrooms. These conditions were previously posing a hazard to student safety and wellbeing, as well as to engagement and learning.

Gigi’s Impact in Dodi Papase

Thanks to your support, PoP and the Dodi Papase community have constructed a new six-classroom block. These classrooms will keep students protected from the rain and alleviate overcrowding issues. In addition to the new classrooms, we have also constructed six new safe and private bathrooms to keep kids healthy and in school. The Dodi Papase School officially broke ground in September 2018 and was completed in October 2019. Community members, parents and teachers were in full support, contributing 20 percent of the materials and labor necessary to complete the build. Your support has created a safe and secure foundation that will foster an environment of growth for the students of Dodi Papase for generations to come.