Meet Jessica: fitness guru and entrepreneur going above and beyond for education

Pencils of Promise
August 12, 2019
Our PoP campaigner, Jessica Glazer, at one of her signature events. Image credit: Jessica Glazer.

Jessica Glazer is a NYC based entrepreneur and dedicated lifelong educator. She was first introduced to PoP through her closest friends and mentor, who had been involved with the organization for years. Soon after, Jessica further learned about our work abroad and knew she wanted to get involved. With a lifelong passion for teaching and fitness, Jessica created FITtrips; a monthly women’s only fitness based field trip dedicated to encouraging women to step out of their comfort zones, get sweaty and connect with like-minded women for support.

Jessica Glazer and her FITtrips community. Image credit: Jessica Glazer.

After being a public school teacher for 8 years, Jessica says that teaching is her passion and school is everything! She believes that school provides children with the “opportunity to learn amongst others… to learn to lose and win, and how to become your own advocate.” Her belief that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive pushes Jessica to give back and build something bigger than herself!

Jessica Glazer and her panel of speakers. Image credit: Jessica Glazer.

In 2019, Jessica kicked off her first day-long event called “The Mind Body Tribe Experience,” where she was able to teach women all about fitness while also campaigning for PoP! Although she is no longer teaching in the classroom, Jessica is teaching women all over to build #musclesandmemories. She was able to host a successful event that brought together 200 women, all which stepped outside of their comfort zone, tried new things and connected with like-minded women. Her mission was to give 100% of all ticket proceeds to PoP.

Jessica Glazer, PoP’s Leslie Engel Young and a FITtrips supporter. Image credit: Jessica Glazer.

Jessica says although the event was the catalyst that started her campaigning journey, this is only the beginning. Since then, she has continued to be an amazing campaigner and plans to hold similar events in efforts to continue giving back to education. To date, Jessica has raised $30,000 with the support of her fitness community and friends and family! Jessica is someone who has so much passion for education and its ability to change lives. She has always kept education very close to her heart and continues to provide support to the cause in innovative ways. And we’re right behind her!

Jessica has set big goals but is confident that with the support of her incredible community and PoP, she’ll be able exceed her expectations. She believes that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” as education has the power to lift all children.

Jessica Glazer’s community. Image credit: Jessica Glazer.

Thank you Jessica for your commitment to education and to building strong communities in NYC and across the globe.

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