Lindy Tsang’s Impact with Pencils of Promise


When Lindy Tsang joined the PoP Family, she immediately made a huge impact. An ambitious and influential internet star and successful businesswoman, Lindy recognized the potential of quality education and made it her personal mission to support education in communities that are in need of everyday resources like safe school structures.

After joining our PoP Family in 2015, Lindy and her BubzBeauty community came together to fund two school builds in Saen Oudom, Laos and Tad Thong, Laos. After joining a donor trip to Laos and seeing the impact of these schools firsthand, Lindy came back with a mission. She launched her Season of Promise campaign with the goal of funding three more school builds in Ghana. Sharing her campaign with her millions of followers, Lindy and her fans are joining together to help PoP provide hundreds of children with a safe, structurally sound learning environment so that they can achieve a quality education and realize their promise.

Lindy, our Pencils of Promise team is so grateful for all that you have provided to our students and communities. Your generosity will impact thousands of children and we thank you for partnering with us to make quality education possible for students who need it most.






Thanks to Lindy’s support, the past few years have been very busy (and exciting!). We have completed construction on two schools in Laos and three in Ghana. We’re well on our way to serving hundreds more students around the world.


An update from Atravenu, Ghana…

Previously, the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th grade students of Atravenu Primary School attended school inside a local chapel. In addition to classes being held inside the chapel, the different grades were also combined into just two classrooms. The combination of classes made for a distracting environment for both the teachers and students alike. Thanks to Lindy and her community’s support, PoP and the Atravenu community have completed construction on a beautiful new three-classroom block. The build broke ground in March 2018 and, thanks to the hard work of the community, was completed in September of the same year. The students are so excited to finally have a space that will help them reach their full potential!


An update from Kpando Torkor, Ghana…

Previously, the students of Kpando Torkor attended class within a school that had only unfinished classrooms. The first and second grade students were in the most unsafe conditions, with 91 students overcrowded into just a few small rooms. This severe overcrowding posed major safety hazards, as well as hindered student engagement and learning. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Kpando Torkor community completed a new three-unit structure for the first and second grade students. On top of that, we renovated the rest of the school to build new walls, windows and doors for the unfinished classrooms. The build broke ground in December of 2017 and construction was officially completed in October 2018. The new school is set to serve over 600 students throughout its lifetime!


An update from Mafi Agorve, Ghana…

Previously, the students of Mafi Agorve Primary School were attending class within makeshift structures. The first and second grade students were under a thatched shade, while fourth through sixth grade students were under a pavilion with no windows or doors. The students were also being exposed to the harsh sunlight throughout the entire school day. These conditions left students vulnerable to outside conditions and distractions, ultimately hindering their potential. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Mafi Agorve community broke ground on a new three-unit classroom structure. Construction began in May of 2017 and, thanks to the dedication from the community, was completed in October of 2017. The 243 current students are so thankful to finally have a school that can support their learning and potential!


An update from Tad Thong, Laos…

Previously, the students of the Tad Thong community were learning in a temporary classroom structure made of bamboo walls and a makeshift roof. This community sees consistent attendance from all of their students, but did not have the means to support all of those students. Because of this, they had six grades housed in just three classrooms. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Tad Thong community broke ground on a beautiful five-classroom school in August of 2015. The community was hard at work and helped the build progress to a December 2015 completion date. The 143 students currently attending this school are so excited to finally have a new school that has provided them with a positive and safe learning environment!


An update from Saen Oudom, Laos…

Previously, the Saen Oudom Primary School students were learning inside a structure that was in very poor condition, with a roof that leaked during any unfavorable weather. Not only were these conditions not providing a positive learning environment, but they were posing serious safety hazards to the 77 students attending school each day. Thanks to your support, PoP and the Saen Oudom community worked to build a new three-classroom school to replace the previous provisional structure. The school build broke ground in January of 2015, was completed in May of the same year and had an exciting inauguration ceremony in June. The new structure has created a safe space for students to learn and realize their full potential!