You’re Making a Difference Here


In Guatemala, where over 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, socioeconomic status is one of the biggest barriers to accessing a quality education (World Bank 2013). The average length of schooling for a Guatemalan child is only four years and 24.1% of the population is illiterate (US Aid 2014; World Bank 2014).

Pencils of Promise works with 190 communities in Guatemala to ensure our students overcome these, and other, barriers to accessing a quality education. Currently, PoP is impacting over 37,000 students in Guatemala.


The region of Suchitepéquez, called Suchi by locals, lies southeast of our headquarters in Xela. PoP expanded here in early 2012, with our regional office located in Mazatenango.

Suchitepéquez offers a variety of exotic fruits and coffee as main crops, and the climate is much more tropical than the other regions in which we work. To date, we’ve broken ground on 47 schools in Suchitepéquez and plan to continue our partnership with these communities for years to come.

Before a PoP School Build

Previously, students of Línea A-5 attended class in an environment that did not support their potential. Students experienced severe overcrowding, as the previous structure did not provide adequate space for students to learn and thrive. Similarly, many classrooms had deep structural flaws that rendered the walls and roof in danger of collapsing. These conditions posed a hazard to student safety and well-being, as well as to engagement and learning.

Your Impact with the New PoP School

You’ve recognized that these conditions are not conducive to learning and have responded by helping PoP and the Línea A-5 community complete a new four-classroom block to replace the provisional rooms. These classrooms will provide sufficient space for all students, and the updated bathrooms and hand-washing stations you’re making possible are helping students stay healthy and in school. Teachers, parents and other community members remained dedicated and committed to the project, and contributed 20 percent of the resources and labor necessary to complete the build. The entire Línea A-5 community is so excited now have a new school that will support each student’s full potential and promise!