Meet Hiral: A business woman and philanthropist

Pencils of Promise
December 9, 2019

Hiral Patadia is a business woman and philanthropist with origins from India, who has dedicated her holiday season to supporting Pencils of Promise. Hiral decided to get involved with PoP after she was teaching in a rural community near Bali, Indonesia. This experience inspired Hiral to deepen her impact and support education for more kids around the world.

Hiral shares our belief that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. She understands that education transforms lives, empowers women, and will create a lasting impact for generations to come.

To support PoP’s mission, Hiral recently launched a series of motivational pencils in hopes of raising funds to provide quality education for students around the world! Committed to educating and motivating, Hiral has started POPbyHiral, an online community that cultivates her passion for writing and illustrated drawings in hopes to empower others.

Learning has always been Hiral’s passion. Hiral is strongly committed to empowering people to help them find their own passion, make a difference and bring a sincere smile to the hearts of families around the world.