Meet Nelson: Proud Father, Husband, and Adventurer at Heart

January 15, 2020

Nelson Takle was first introduced to Pencils of Promise while listening to The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk and Addicted2Success by Joel Brown. Excited about PoP’s mission, he decided to help build a new school for community in Laos. Last month, Nelson reached his goal of raising $50,000 to support a PoP school, which will be dedicated to his family in the new year. As a proud father, husband and an adventurer at heart, it’s no surprise that he took his family along on the journey of building a school.  

Nelson came together with his family, friends and clients to put together lively and creative fundraising events. This past Halloween, Nelson collaborated with his colleagues to host a Charity Auction that raised more than $23,000! Staying true and connected to his values, Nelson and his wife also celebrated their wedding with PoP by giving guests the opportunity to support them on their journey to build a school.

Education has always been important to Nelson, alongside supporting his wife in her role as a Primary School Teacher, he also advocates, “If you’re always learning, you’re always growing and it’s a great feeling to be a part of a community,” Nelson shares! PoP believes that education goes far beyond the walls of the classroom and has the power to transform communities across the globe.

Nelson exemplifies what it means to be part of the PoP Fam. He inspires us to serve our community, achieve ambitious goals, and believe in a future where all kids have access to quality education.