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With The Speaker Lab’s support, PoP is partnering with the Houay Hao community to construct a new four-classroom structure and create a quality learning environment for hundreds of students and teachers.

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Why Laos?

In Laos, a lack of educational infrastructure is one of the greatest barriers to accessing quality education (BBC News Asia). 15% of people in Laos are illiterate, with even higher illiteracy rates amongst ethnic minorities (World Bank 2015).

Pencils of Promise works with 142 communities in Laos to ensure that students overcome these, and other, barriers to accessing quality education. Currently, PoP is impacting over 98,000 students and teachers in Laos.

Houay Hao

With a population of around 411, this community is located within theXieng Ngeun district. Here, members of the community engage in farming and agriculture. The Khmu language is spoken here.

The Speaker Lab’s Impact in Houay Hao

The Houay Hao Preschool and Primary School currently has four classrooms, each of which are shared by multiple grades. The primary school is a wooden structure with concrete flooring and a tin roof. These conditions hinder learning, posing a hazard to student safety and engagement.

In the coming months, PoP will be partnering with the Houay Hao community to build a new four-classroom structure and a new teacher office. The community is committed to providing higher-quality education to its students and will contribute 20% of the resources and labor required for construction. We expect to break ground in September 2021 and hope to complete construction in December 2021.

The newHouay Hao Preschool and Primary School will provide a high-quality learning environment where every child can reach their unique potential.

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