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August 15, 2012

Give back with Justin Bieber’s Swag Collection by Cellairis

Learn about how you can purchase a stylish Justin Bieber cell phone case while supporting the PoP Movement... Cellairis, creator of fashionable and functional cell phone cases, recently launched a Swag Collection featuring Justin Bieber portraits with stylish graphics, album images incorporating his printed signature, and pops of purple alongside phrases commonly associated with the artist. The collection of Justin Bieber iPhone cases also features dedicated designs for Pencils of Promise depicting images of the children and schools. If you think that sounds good, it gets better- a percentage of the proceeds will be donated right back to Pencils of Promise. Shop now!  

May 24, 2012

Bieber Wins Magnum Competition To Donate $20,000 Towards PoP And Make A Wish Foundation

Last month, Magnum Ice Cream hosted a competition between musicians, Justin Bieber, Usher, Jordin Sparks and Nelly Furtado to earn $20,000 towards their favorite charity. Fans were asked to vote and help decide which popstar's charity would be receiving the donation. Who won, you ask?? None other than Justin Bieber!!!! The donation was then split evenly between Pencils of Promise and Make A Wish Foundation. Thank you Justin Bieber and all of your fans that voted to earn this donation! Because of this gracious donation, PoP can now build one more classroom! Read more details from Billboard.com and watch a video of Justin speaking about the pleasure of giving back here...

Good Works: Artists Share The Pleasure Of Giving Back

by Billboard Staff | April 7, 2012 17:38 EDT
Watch Justin Bieber, Usher, Jordin Sparks & Nelly Furtado Discuss Finding the Pleasure in Philanthropy and Life. Find Out Which Artist's Favorite Charity You Voted To Give A $20,000 Donation! Two of the world's most fundamental pleasures are the act of giving and the enjoyment of music. So, as the Billboard Music Awards celebrate the year's most successful songs, artists, and albums, we're also looking to generous hitmakers -- none other than Justin Bieber, Usher, Jordin Sparks, and Nelly Furtado -- to share their thoughts on what charities are closest to their hearts and what makes them feel good. But talking and action are two different things. So we wanted the fans to help one of these artists earn $20,000 for their favorite charity -- and enter for their own chance at a big prize: a trip to the Billboard Music Awards on May 20 in Las Vegas -- all courtesy of Billboard.com and Magnum Ice Cream. All four stars have reason to be proud: fans turned out in droves to weigh in on which cause should win the donation, and each got a lot of love from voters. Now, the votes have been counted and it's official: Thanks to you, Justin Bieber's charities, Pencils of Promise and Make A Wish will share the $20,000 donation! Additionally, each of the other stars' favorite charities -- Jordin Sparks' I'm M.A.D. Are You, Usher's New Look Foundation, and Nelly Furtado's choice Free The Children -- will receive a donation from Magnum Ice Cream and Billboard for sharing their missions.

Pencils of Promise

May 11, 2012

Justin Bieber, Shaq, and Adam Braun Hoop It Up To Benefit PoP

At the end of PoP's first-ever Gala last November, celebrities and supporters alike were excited to bid for a spur-of-the-moment offer to play a game of basketball with Shaquille O'niel, Justin Beiber, and PoP's founder, Adam Braun. The game was set to be played at Shaq's house, and last month this legendary game finally took place. Check out a picture from it below!

@AdamBraun: “Doing my best to guard @Shaq.. Bball for PoP w @justinbieber @kennyhamilton @scooterbraun.”

Justin also mentioned on his Twitter, "JUST had a Great Day playing ball at @shaq’s house with the big guy, @adambraun @kennyhamilton @scooterbraun and others for @pencilsofpromise"

June 6, 2011

PoP Webisodes: Episode #2, “PoP Spotlight: Alfredo Flores”

Last week, we had a very special visitor at the PoP Office. The PoP staff was treated to a visit by none other than Videographer Alfredo Flores. As soon as he showed up, we fired up our flipcam to document this special day. We had such great conversation, sharing a bunch of laughs and getting to know one another. Check out the video below for an insider account of this fun afternoon. Special shout out to Alfredo: thanks for coming and getting to know the team! Come back any time! http://youtu.be/4NvFPxRB9cA Stay tuned to the PoP Blog for our next Webisode!
June 1, 2011

PoPStar of the Week: Sydney Profeta! #Schools4All Edition

That's Sydney on the right

  Schools4All is underway and going strong! Thanks so much to all who have been working so hard for PoP; whether you've been raising money, spreading awareness, organizing events, or just telling your friends about PoP, we're so grateful for all you've been doing! Sometimes we hear stories that stand out from the crowd: this is why we've chosen to highlight Sydney Profeta as this week's #Schools4All PoPStar! Read all about how she organized a "Wear Yellow Day" at her school to raise money for her S4A fundraising page. See if you can hold the same kind of event at your school! Congratulations to Sydney, and if you want to be next week's PoPStar, fill out the form on our website.   Here's what Sydney had to say about her #Schools4All event at her school, East Quogue Elementary: "On May 18th, I organized a "Wear Yellow to School" day to promote awareness for Pencils for Promise. My school, East Quogue Elementary, consists of about 400 kids and we had a great turn out. I was able to raise over $600.00 in donations.

Look at all the yellow!

I am so proud of my school and community for coming together to support me and this wonderful cause! Pencils of Promise is important to me because I feel everyone deserves an education no matter where you live. If children around the world received education, then the world would be a smarter place and hopefully a more peaceful one!"   Congratulations again to Sydney!  Keep up the great work!