Our Long-Term Vision

We believe where you start in life shouldn’t dictate where you finish. In partnership with local governments and communities, we will continue to provide students with access to safe primary schools, implement proven programs, invest in teacher quality and assess student progress in high-need areas. Our long-term vision is that our literacy-focused model will be available for governments and partners to adopt and scale incrementally beyond PoP schools.


Members of PoP in-country teams work to identify communities in need of PoP programs. PoP rigorously monitors and evaluates its efforts in each school, provides ongoing teacher support and engages with community members in the WASH program.


Every school PoP builds is a public school. Local government officials collaborate with PoP to determine best practices, maintain national education standards and support programs.


Community members contribute 20% of the resources and/or labor to every school build, showing their deep commitment to their children’s education. Community members also participate in WASH programs to improve sanitation and hygiene practices.

Theory of Change

We serve rural communities in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos with multiple program services (including school builds, Teacher Support, WASH) to achieve intermediate outcomes that change behavior around education practices. Those changes ultimately support our long-term goal of improving education outcomes.


Our Exit Plan

We’re dedicated to working closely with the communities where we build schools and offering meaningful support to our teachers in order to create sustainable gains in education outcomes. We’re also committed to developing high-level partnerships early on with local and national governments. This model allows us to easily share the successes of our work, so that over time, governments can incorporate our programs and achieve widespread systemic improvement.

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