Young Philanthropist, Shane Feldman Creates Annual Inspirational Conference For Youth

Pencils of Promise
February 9, 2012






At the age of 13 Shane Feldman saw the need for young people to get involved. Read this post to find out how he developed a youth movement…

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Shane Feldman, an inspiring 17 year old who is making an impact on the youth of Ontario, Canada. After doing some research, Shane was discouraged to find that only 13% of Ontario residents contributed to annual volunteer hours and that most of the hours were allocated to fundraising. In 2009 he decided to inspire his peers by organizing a youth led conference entitled “Count Me In” which features a variety of speakers and encourages volunteerism and positive change for youth. The conference took him 18 months to organize but after lots of hard work and determination, the conference was a huge success. Some of the speakers included a magician turned inspirational speaker and a Member of Parliament. The feedback from participants was extremely positive and with the help of an amazing team of other students he is planning to host another conference this upcoming year. Shane embodies the heart of the PoP mission which is that anyone can make a difference at any age, from any background and we celebrate his great strides. He is an inspiration to our team and we hope that his story will inspire you too! Learn more here!

“Kids can do just as much as adults. You just need to believe in yourself and not let anyone talk you down.” -Shane Feldman, Founder and CEO of Count Me In