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We Believe Everyone Has Promise

About half of students in rural Ghana, Laos and Guatemala don’t have what they need to go to secondary school.

Join us as and partners like Chegg as we send 5,000 students back to school with a PoP Scholarship.

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Each year of school increases a student's lifetime income by 10%.

Secondary education provides further skills and understanding to prepare students for work and life.

We’re Giving Scholarships to Students
with 75% Attendance or Higher.

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Each scholarship costs $100
Scholarships contain backpack, supplies, uniform, and cover school fees for one year.

Back to School Checklist

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Including all of the items below, this ensures a child quality education for a full year.

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Remember getting a new backpack? With your favorite superhero, cartoon character on it? You can give that memory to a child.

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Every child deserves pencils to write with, a blank notebook to capture new ideas and knowledge, a folder to organize homework.

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In Laos, Ghana and Guatemala secondary students wear uniforms to school. Give someone that fresh "First Day" look.

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Tuition, workbooks for homework and exam fees can be expensive. We cover transportation and dormitory costs, too.

All our backpacks, school supplies and uniforms are locally sourced


What Did Your First Day Of School Look Like?

This fall is going back to school. Join us. #GiveBackToSchool

Meet some of our Scholarship Recipients

Meet Anjie

Anjie is one of the best students in the 4th grade class in Nunsavat Primary School. She is 10 years old. She is quite shy, but she is very brave. She always volunteers answering her teacher’s questions.

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Meet Elvis

Elvis, a studious boy who sits in the back, admires his teacher, who holds the attention of 26 fifth graders despite the workmen all around. He is 11 years old and has lived his whole life in Adaklu. When he grows up he wants to be a big-city police officer.


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Meet Maylin

Meet Maylin, she is in 6th grade. Her parents and six siblings are a part of our first project in Guatemala in Xecotoj.

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