Celebrate International Women’s Day with PoP!

Olivia Wittels
Senior Marketing Coordinator
March 8, 2015

Meet Anita. She’s one of our PoP students from La Primavera, Guatemala. Anita is 11-years-old and has lived in La Primavera her entire life with her mom, dad and eight brothers and sisters.

One day, Anita wants to go to college. She loves learning and really enjoys math – so much, that she says she “could do math for the rest of my life.” Anita knows that going to college will give her the opportunity to become an accountant, and maybe even work at a bank.

Today we celebrate Anita & girls like her across the world. We celebrate their ambition, hope, dedication and hard work. And we celebrate their infinite potential.

At Pencils of Promise, we recognize that receiving an education is a critical a part of unlocking the promise inherent in every woman. In fact, our Guatemala team just launched “Lideresas de Promesa,” a women’s leadership organization that acknowledges the importance empowering female leaders. Today is a special day as we celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives!