Great Tips For Starting A Successful Club Or Organization

Pencils of Promise
March 1, 2012

Aspring PoP college campus intern, Brauck Cullen from Virgina Tech shares his tips for gathering followers and organizing a club on campus. Read more about how to successfully start a club or organization here.

When starting an on-campus organization or club there are many steps that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important and most difficult is how are you going to convince people to join? After recently attending a summit series for clubs, I have come up with a few ways to help tackle this question.

Use Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, and anything else someone might utilize is a great place to start. Get connected, let your friends know, and get the word out there. The bigger your reach, the easier it is to attract people. Along with this, create a personalized page on Facebook and a personalized Twitter account. Make sure all of your club’s activities are posted and known with the two of these.

Post Flyers and Signs – Get in the face of the people. Put up flyers and information around campus. You need people to see you and what you are doing. Advertise about informational meetings and events that your club will be doing. The more they see you, eventually they will remember you and what you are doing.

Take Advantage of the Classroom Setting – There are inevitably going to be those freshman seminars with 500 students in them that everyone has to take. Make it a habit of talking with the professors and seeing if you can present for the first 5 minutes or last 5 minutes of the class. Have a quick, prepared, and to the point presentation just to let people know what you are doing and who you are. You will get through to a few people.

Everyone Bring a Friend – Once you have an initial base going, make sure your members are helping with the recruitment as well. No one needs to get complacent. Having each member bring a friend or two to every meeting is an easy way to get the word out. Eventually word will spread how awesome your club or organization is and their friends will bring friends too.

Be Persistent – The last point in general is to be persistent and don’t get discouraged. You will get shot down, teachers won’t let you present, and plenty of other of issues can arise as well. Don’t let it get you down, know you are working for a cause you believe in and eventually you will get people involved that truly do care about what you are trying to achieve.

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