PoP & lokai team up to build schools in Ghana

Olivia Wittels
Senior Marketing Coordinator
December 9, 2014

The holidays are often used as a time for reflection. We tend to think about all the good and exciting events that have happened to us this year ($2 million raised at the 2014 PoP Gala, anyone?!), as well as the moments that may have been more difficult and challenging.

With that said, we are so excited to be partnering up with lokai for our annual Season of Promise campaign. A few years ago, lokai founder Steven Izen was moved by the duality of experiencing great sadness at his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis while at the same time feeling immense gratitude for where he was in his own life. This combination of emotions served as the inspiration for the lokai bracelet, which encourages one to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. The black bead of the bracelet holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, while the white bead contains water from Mt. Everest, representing the highest.

Lokai’s message of hope aligns with our own core mantra at PoP – that everyone, no matter where you are born or what your circumstances are, has promise. This holiday season, we’ve set a goal to build 25 schools in Ghana, and lokai is helping to make this a reality.


On December 1, Cyber Monday, we teamed up with lokai for the first of two exciting social media initiatives. For every bracelet sold that day, lokai donated $10 to PoP. With both organizations reaching out to their respective followers, in just one day we raised $25,000, enough to build a school in Ghana!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we followed up Cyber Monday with another incredibly successful call to action. Instead of asking our respective followers to donate financially, on December 2, Giving Tuesday, lokai and PoP asked supporters to use their voices to give back. PoP tweeted:

GT 47K tweet

With this initiative and support from some awesome influencers (Rixton, Val Chmerkovskiy, Madison Beer, Brent Rivera, and more) we received 47,000 retweets – PoP’s highest engaged tweet EVER!

On Giving Tuesday, lokai also took to Instagram to ask supporters to #SharePromise in a more visual manner. For every person who posted a picture of someone who believed in his or her promise during the highs and lows using the hashtag #SharePromise, lokai donated $5 towards building a school in Ghana. Over 350 people posted on Instagram using the hashtag, making Giving Tuesday a huge success!

We have some more exciting initiatives with lokai coming up at the end of December, during which you can help PoP reach its goal of building 25 (and hopefully more) schools for students in Ghana. Stay humble, stay hopeful, and join us in unlocking the potential of Ghanaian students this holiday season!