PoP’s Next Phase of Growth

Adam Braun
Executive Chairman
March 4, 2021

Over the past 12 years since our founding, Pencils of Promise has been incredibly fortunate to have had a series of extraordinary leaders guide us forward through each phase of our growth. Each of these individuals has left an indelible mark on who we are as an organization today, as we strive to expand the impact and quality of the programs we deliver to the children we serve around the world.

For the past three years, PoP has been led by Tanya Ramos as Chief Executive Officer. Following a 20+ year career in service to others, her dedication and commitment to our organization has helped push us forward in countless ways, and as her time in the CEO role comes to an end we are immensely grateful to her. Additionally, we are confident that the legacy of the impact on those we serve as a result of her efforts will be truly enduring. 

As we look ahead, I’m grateful for the opportunity to step back into the organization as Executive Chairman, working closely with our COO Leslie Engle Young, NYC leadership team, and Country Directors Freeman Gobah, Lanoy Keosuvan, Ya Laoxayda and Jorge Bolom. Leslie and each of our Country Directors have led PoP’s in-country programming and their respective teams for at least 5+ years, and their expertise will continue to drive our work forward every day. I’m also thrilled that Itai Madamombe will be joining me as our Board Co-Chair.

The work we undertake has never been more needed than it is today. Additionally, given our deep relationships in-country and profound commitment to data-driven results, the efficacy of every dollar that is deployed into the communities we serve has never been greater. As we look forward we are committed to building, partnering with and serving 1,000 schools by 2030, and I know we will round out the decade celebrating that ambitious goal. We are excited to be teaming up with Koya Partners to find our next CEO who will lead us towards accomplishing this vision.

But we cannot reach those heights without our dedicated supporters. We look forward to your participation and partnership in the next phase of our growth. And we are deeply grateful to all you who have made an impact on our journey thus far.

In gratitude,