Schools4All: a Special Message to Our Supporters

Pencils of Promise
July 1, 2011

PoP Supporters,

Pencils of Promise operates on the thought that, through helping to provide education to those who lack it, we can empower the world. With confidence in this thought, we can grip things with our hands and mold them; the vibrations of our exuberance and energy and the ripples and echoes of our actions can shake the whole world. We’re not just speaking in metaphors, we’re speaking in truths: absolute facts and certainties. You are our proof.

Two and a half months ago, Schools4All was introduced to you with a tweet. Justin Bieber and the PoP team proposed a challenge: rally your community, friends, family, and classmates together to raise money to help us build schools in the developing world. The prize was really something to get excited about: a visit from Justin Bieber and PoP founder Adam Braun to your school. So, we posed this challenge and encouraged you to use your creativity in spreading awareness and raising funds. We couldn’t wait to see what you would come up with.

You responded with cookies, you responded with lemonade, you responded with youtube videos, songs, emails, tweets, facebook messages, and phone calls. You were creative, you were insatiable: you were committed to your goal of helping PoP build Schools4All.

It’s now July 1st, and our Schools4All campaign has ended a matter of hours ago. We will be announcing a winner soon (stay tuned to PoP on Facebook and Twitter to find out who won), but, what we will announce now is that, thanks to your hard work and support, Pencils of Promise raised an amazing $285,000. In just two and a half months, we received enough money in donations for us to build an additional 14 schools, helping us provide education for thousands of students.

Together, we shook the world. Let’s not allow it to settle.  We’ve achieved so much, and we know— for a fact— that this is just the beginning: we’re just getting started.

Thank you!

-PoP Team